Moloko Phooko Attorneys

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MOLOKO PHOOKO ATTORNEYS is a sole proprietor rendering efficient legal services to individuals, Companies, State and State organs in certain areas. It has established contacts with experts in areas where expertise is required.

We reduce the workload of our client’s Human Resources Department by assisting with chairing and initiating disciplinary hearing and where applicable representation in the bargaining councils and Labour Courts. This is our core area of work.

We further render quality Litigation services both in the lower courts and in the higher courts. The business is accredited with LAW SOCIETY. The business is based in Mokopane town within Mogalakwena Municipality under Waterberg District in Limpopo Province. MOLOKO PHOOKO ATTORNEYS has experience in both technical and community development


To resolve our client’s legal hassles in an effective efficient and prompt way.


The mission of MOLOKO PHOOKO ATTORNEYS is to provide prompt efficient and effective legal services at competitive rates and facilitation of client satisfaction Moloko Phooko Attorneys is a 100 % black owned Legal Practice with 50% of the staff being women; providing practical legal solutions, utilizing seasoned expertise and innovative tools to maximise operational and legal efficiencies.

With a turnover in excess of half million and 4 employees, MPA has an experienced management team, who are able to set up organisational operations from a business and technology perspective. Armed with essential experience, MPA is able to translate legal strategies into successful implementations.

Increased demand for legal services in multiple industries is indicative of the maturity of MPA.
The company is recognised as having seasoned specialists able to apply experience and skill to different industries facing legal and labour operational inefficiencies. This capability has already been utilised successfully in the labour disputes and disciplinary hearings.

Committed to delivering innovation, MPA collaborates with its clients to help them become
high-performance businesses in line with their legal strategies


The aims and objectives of MOLOKO PHOOKO ATTORNEYS are to provide prompt and effective legal services. The objectives shall be achieved by forcing mutual beneficial working relationship with public sectors, private sectors, NGO& CBO’s and other stake holder.

We place emphasis on mentoring previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs) through training and exposure to projects skills development to enable them to gain relevant experience, selfemployment and access to better employment in the legal services.

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Labour Law

 The Labour Relations Act regulates the relationship between employers and employees. It sets out the rights and obligations of both parties. This includes the right to strike, the right to bargain collectively, the right to take industrial action, and the obligation on employers to pay wages and benefits.

Family Law

The family law system is complex and there are many factors that need to be considered when dealing with a family law issue. It is important to seek professional help early on so that you can get the best outcome possible.

Civil and Criminal Litigations

Moloko Phooko Attorneys is a specialist criminal law practice based in Mokopane. Our team of dedicated criminal defence lawyers offer a full range of services to clients facing criminal charges. We represent people who have been charged with serious crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder. We also defend those accused of lesser offences, such as theft, fraud and assault.


Estate Planning – The process of preparing a will, trust, or both. It involves making decisions about who gets what after death, how assets are distributed, and whether there should be any special provisions for children, grandchildren, or others.